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1Back in 2005, a team of rowers rowed a coastal rowing boat (called the Vin) across the North Sea from the Netherlands to the UK and back. In doing so, they raised a total of €285,000 for a Dutch children’s cancer charity called KiKaRow (www.kikarow.nl).


By way of a follow-up to this massive success, KiKaRow is now planning to raise money in aid of the new Princess Máxima Centre for Paediatric Oncology in Utrecht. Working in close cooperation with the Princess Máxima Centre and two other children’s cancer charities, KiKaRow has come up with the idea of undertaking a rowing tour of the Netherlands in the spring of 2019, calling at as many rowing clubs as possible en route. The boat used for this Round Holland Row will be the same boat as was used to cross the North Sea back in 2005. With a special twist this time: the entire crew will consist of former cancer patients!


2But this is something that KiKaRow can’t do on its own. The organisation needs the support of as many rowing clubs as possible in order to train the rowers and organise fund-raising activities. That’s why KiKaRow is appealing to all the rowing clubs in the country to band together and support the plan.


So this is the idea: with the support of rowers and rowing clubs from all over the Netherlands, KiKaRow is hoping to raise a huge amount of money in the spring and summer of 2019. The plan is to row a total of 1,400 kilometres, calling at no fewer than 60 Dutch rowing clubs, all in aid of the battle against children’s cancer.


Spaarne rowing club launches fund-raising campaign in support of KiKaRow

The rowers will be stopping off at the Spaarne rowing club on 13 July 2019, where a team of volunteers are already doing their very best to prepare for the occasion. Ingrid Wegman, Madelon Meijer, Anna Bertha de Rooij, Colien Aleman and Steven Olthof are working on a series of special fund-raising activities during the period from September 2018 to July 2019.


Wh3at has the Spaarne rowing club got in store?

The team from the Spaarne has put together a varied programme, with one or two activities during each month of the fund-raising period. These include a series of lectures, a special game dinner, a benefit concert, a bridge drive, an art fair and both indoor and outdoor rowing races. The team is also seeking to attract sponsors and has invited a number of well-known rowers to come and give a rowing clinic or a talk for the club members. Finally, a range of products, including jam and cakes, will be on sale and there will be a special photo session for Spaarne teams – all in aid of KiKaRow. The KiKaRow team from the Spaarne will be sending out monthly announcements listing all the forthcoming activities.


Spaarne Rowing Club on behalf of the KiKaRow Foundation

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