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Heemstede/Haarlem region

www.haarlemmarketing.nl NL, GB, D, F language

www.haarlemmarketing.nl/over_haarlem/folders/waterrecreatiefolder NL language

www.visithaarlem.org GB language

www.virtualtourist.com/haarlem GB language

www.franshalsmuseum.nl NL and GB language

www.teylersmuseum.eu NL and GB language

www.museumdecruquius.nl NL and GB language

www.bloemencorso-bollenstreek.nl NL, GB, D and F language

www.hetspaarne.nl only NL language


Leiden/Leidschendam region

portal.leiden.nl/en/homepage GB language



molendevalk.leiden.nl/en/ D and F language


www.rvrijnland.nl only NL language


How to get where ?

KR&ZV Het Spaarne

Marisplein 5

NL - 2102 AC Heemstede

N 52 21.557, E 4 38.19


RV Rijnland

Oostvlietweg 63

NL - 2266 GN Leidschendam

N 52 6.938, E 4 27.049



Accommodation being at a premium this time of the year, we suggest you make early reservations, both in the Rijnland area (Leidschendam/Leiden) and Het Spaarne area (Heemstede/Haarlem). Depending upon where your start is on Friday.


Attainability by cellphone

Available and published in time.

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